Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Aid euthanasia?

Good show by "Dead Aid" Dambisa Moyo in Oslo the other day.
Her cure may not be adequate but the aggression she is met with by the donor community proves she has got a point.
And counter arguments are less than adequate. If we agree that showering African leaders with aid money spawns corruption and relieve them of the onus of being accountable to their own people it does not help to argue for more aid to build well functioning states with accountable leaders. If there ever was a Catch 22....
And by the way, who are we? Why are African leaders not more active themselves in solving their problems? Why do the mzungu think they need to coerce the people on the Equator to do the right thing? What is the right thing anyway?
Aid is not Dead, but what about euthanasia?

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