Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Inferiority complex – or just superfluous?

Oil nation. Arctic nation. A friends of the poor nation. Lighthouse of peace and human rights.

Peace in the Middle East. Remember? On the White House lawn with Arafat and Rabin – first row.

Peace in Sri Lanka. Remember?

Peace in East Timor. Remember? – Or was that Australia?
Amundsen beat Scott. – Remember? And whaling. Worth 25% of the South Pole?
1% of GNI as aid – 500% tariff rate on their meat. Good deal.
Awkward handshakes with G20 leaders. Meeting Hilary.
Staying sovereign – yet implementing most EU directives.
The press reporting any small mention of us abroad.
An ambitious nation half the population of Los Angeles desperate to make a difference. To be seen.
The world is probably a better place with less than 5 million Norwegians.

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