Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Springtime in Winter Wonderland

May is happening in Norway. Nature simply exploded when the snow went away. In the land of the Winter God winter lasts 5 months. Plants have very little time to grow, florish and set fruit before the next snowfall. They know how to use it.

In the meantime the economic crisis disappeared from front pages. Struggling papers found that swine flu was a better life saver than the economic crisis. It was set to kill millions of us. Unfortunately it seems to peter away all too soon. Flu and crisis gone, what is there left to secure the future of the press? Just Gordon Brown, car bombs and philosophers who don't like gays?

Is a bullish Wall Street and ditto housing market really a sign of recovery?
Or are US banks still heavily stressed, European banks still heavily exposed to losses in Eastern Europe and are the rotten loans still there?
Optimism is well and good but is there really reason to declare victory already?

Whatever, rotten loans and viruses seem to make pretty good compost for the spring flowers.

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