Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Revenge of The Winter God

Is nature vengeful in your country? Here you need to take particularly care when writing about snow and ice. I have clearly blogged too flippantly about it. On leaving work yesterday I found The Winter God, obviously standing on the roof above, had thrown icicle spears at the windscreen of my car and smashed it. Alas, no picture of the cracks. Much too busy getting away glancing nervously over my shoulder for more.

This made me ponder the power of deity. My slightly blasphemous hypothesis which I offer to you, is that The Winter God is also responsible for the financial/economic crisis. The almost perfect correlation between the depth of snow and the severity of the slump is striking. A causal link is highly probable and as melting sets in you will see that times get better.

If it lingers on, there is good skiing in July.

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