Tuesday, 11 August 2009

iPhone iPhone on the wall ...

The equipment we use is so out of step with our needs for quick everyday problem solving. We have the internet and fantastic it-applications for everything, but to access them we are basically left with machines not much different from what they were like 30 years ago; PCs that need ages to boot and plastic keyboards to input information. A household appliance that can free us from this extremely frustrating and user hostile environment is ages overdue.

The strange thing is that Apple has sort of invented it already. It is called the iPhone. A small beauty which potential has not been fully hatched yet. Why do they hesitate?

All they need to do is give it a 20 inch touch screen to be set in or hung on a kitchen or living room wall - or anywhere - possibly integrated with an Apple TV and with good loudspeakers or interface to audio equipment.
All set up, if I want to speak to aunt Mary – or see her – I go over and press the phone symbol and then her icon. If I want to access my favourite recipies there is an icon for that. If I want to know who is the king of Jordan I may have to type it in Google or maybe say 'Google' and 'king of Jordan' to the screen. If I want to check something in The Times I press that icon and to scroll through my favourite music as nicely as only the iPhone can do it, buy it at the Apple store, listen to Spotify or Slingbox a TV show to my iPhone handset, it is all there.
The iPhone is good, but the dimensions are all wrong for practical home use and I believe an appliance like this would be a godsend to most people. No more waiting for the screen to lit up (it is always on) and no more buttons to hammer, only the occasional virtual on-screen touch.
There may be a huge office marked for this as well, but the first stop is definitely home durables.

Please do it.

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  1. The rumored Apple tablet might answer your prayers:


    As for endless boot time, Ubuntu is down to 25 seconds and is aiming for 10 seconds with the April 2010 release (http://tinyurl.com/lol4ry). Of course, if you just suspend it's a lot less.